February 26, 2021

So now that I’m officially retired from music reviewing, what’s next? Well, as I stated before, I am working on a comic book. As I found out, it’s a long, long process when you’re doing everything by yourself. I now have more time working on it when I’m not busy with school. I have a lot more planned and I’m excited to announce it with you all through social media. I’m working on another blog where I will publish my artwork and any concepts I have for the stories I’m working on or might work on in the future. I’ll also use it to post my thoughts on any subject matter that can’t be expressed through tweets. So what about this blog? Well, it’s staying up. I won’t be publishing anything on here anymore as my attention will be elsewhere.

Thank you all for reading and I hope to see you all in the next chapter.

49 thoughts on “NOW WHAT?

  1. I found your post about two years ago and have been a huge fan of your reviews. I will miss reading new post from you but I will continue to come to your site and look at old postings from you. Best of luck to you in your future endeavors. You’re going to do great in your new career path.


  2. I guess all good things have to come to an end. B-HOP there will be rising bloggers waiting to fill your shoes. You showed us your opinions through some memes funny enough to put a smile on anybody. The last random WTF lyrics gave me a clue we were coming to the end of this blog.
    I posted a short video on your best/worst of 1959 that says all that needs to be said.
    As Casey Kasem says “Keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars”

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  3. no!! you are one of favorites critic’s. I don’t want you to leave. plus I’ve only been reading your blog for 3 month’s.


  4. For your next album review, I suggest you do the new Fiona Apple album. It’s her first in eight years and it’s already getting rave reviews(100% on metacritic so far). I’m going to check it out myself soon and tell you what I think, but I suggest you check it out and review it.


  5. Keep your browser on this site for the latest posts and over five hundred posts from the archive there is always something to read during the hunkering down across America.


  6. Looking forward to your 2010s lists revisions. Want to let you know I’m starting my own music review website D’Orazi Hit Parade right when the new year and new decade begins Jan. 1st. The first thing I’ll be doing is The Ones of the ‘10s where I’ll be giving my analysis and the stories behind every number one song of the 2010s up to the present. Can’t wait to launch it!

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  7. It is great you are revising your worst of lists since time has a way of changing things including ones minds. The New Year and decade provides an opportunity to make correction and revisions on old posts. Hope you had a merry Christmas and may the best be with us in 2020.


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